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Petrelplus Inc. makes high performance lubricants brand Petrelplus+ for automotive and Industrial plant equipments and outdoor machineries. Our innovative technology results in superior performance and huge energy and maintenance cost savings.

Petrelplus Inc. is a dynamic, goal-oriented organization that has excelled in the business of lubricants since two decade. We as an organization have a reputation of giving the best to our customers all over the  world. The equipment used is of state-of- the- art technology.

Superior performance is our main motto

At Petrelplus Inc., have sound infrastructure with the production unit , well organized, professionally managed organizations that has a very systematic set up both for production as well as handling our esteemed customers. We are proud to have the best chemist with advance research & development (R&D) to provide product to avail our valuable & precious mechanism in the industry. All the work is done in-house, adding to the effective utilization of the resources. We have experience of more than two decade in this industry, to keeping in mind about use of oil in massive machinery as well as world class engines; we have a wide range in the Engine oil, Gear oil, Greases Industrial oil & synthetic lubricants.

Petrelplus+ lubricants greatly reduce friction, lubricant consumption rates and lubrication work, whilst prolonging the service life and availability of machinery. It has never been easier to save maintenance cost and resolve lubrication issues at the same time.

Petrelplus+ identifies your needs by listening carefully to what you have to say. Once we have agreed on the common goals to be met we commit ourselves fully. This results in long term partnerships based on shared benefits and value-based pricing. To maintain such relationships, we focus on each customer individually.

It is that a value is a statement of the company's intention and commitment to achieve a high level of performance on a specific QUALITATIVE factor.

Our business is providing delight to esteemed customers by understanding their specific personal interests, anticipating their needs, exceeding their expectations, and making every moment and aspect of the relationship a pleasant -- or better yet, an exhilarating -- experience.

Our approach is best summed up by our motto: “TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT”.
This is a claim we’d like to explore in greater detail with you personally. Get in touch with us now.


Our Commitments
♦ To meet the challenges of twenty first century.
♦ To cultivate high standard of business ethics and   quality.

♦ To deliver every where the best from anywhere.

♦ To maximize creation of wealth, value and satisfaction for all customer.

♦ To maintain zero rejection rates by customers.

♦ To responsible for care of environment.



Quality Policy
♦ Use- High Performance virgin base oil group II and group III.
♦ Use American & German additives and chemicals.

♦ Having best chemist with advance Research & Development (R&D.).

♦ Each batch tested and packed in supervision only.

♦ Our products are exceeds world class specifications.




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